When you express doubt about your career path, people don't understand.

I remember the struggles I had integrating and prioritising the multitude of demands that I constantly juggled as a professional- working and studying, as a spouse, a parent, a daughter, and often not getting it right.

I felt as if I spent a lot of time surviving and not thriving… But I learned a lot and came out the other side with a rewarding career and a wonderfully, exciting life! Doctors Caring for Doctors is about sharing that journey with you!

I know change is hard. That's why I'll be with you every step of the way.



You don't have to do it all to be a great physician. 
This is the time to take stock of what is important to you and what kind of life you want to live.

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In our first session we’ll talk about how we can work together and how I can best support you in achieving your goals for yourself, your loved ones and your career, by exploring where you are now and where you want to be.

You're feeling stuck and you worry about making the wrong decision or maybe you just need a chat with someone you can relate to...

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You are struggling with the complexities of medicine; like having the confidence to apply for a fellowship or choosing a specialty.

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You are preparing for a new challenge, such as taking on a leadership role or working towards a career transition

You're facing life changing decisions that encompass all of your goals—financially, personally, physically, and emotionally.

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You need clarity on a major life event, such as taking a career break or retirement.



In case you want to know a bit more about me...


10 years of experience as a Consultant- 7 years in the UK (NHS) and 3 years in Qatar

During this time I held Leadership positions in:

Acute Pain management

Maternity HDU

Clinical Governance

Quality and Safety (including audit, root cause analysis and complaints procedures)

Medical Education and Simulation 

Assistant Professor  

Senior Clinical Staff Appraiser

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MBBS- University of the West Indies
Fellow of the Royal College Of Anaesthetist- UK
Certificate in Medical Education- University of Dundee
Certificate in Interior Design (one must have hobbies outside of medicine!)
Diploma in Coaching and Mindfulness- NPL Centre of Excellence
MBA: Leadership and Consulting (Hons)- York St. John University
Founded Doctors Caring for Doctors

And if you'd like to know a little more...


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